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We feel honored you’ve chosen to invest in LeadTarget today. We thank you again for your purchase and for putting your trust in us today.

So, in return, we want to give you a tip on how you can explode your profits with LeadTarget in a very short time.

One Of The Most PROFITABLE Business Models . . .

Selling software is one of the best business models out there.

No matter what industry or niche a business is based in, ALL businesses need powerful software to make their lives easier.

Business owners love to automate as many aspects of their business they can, and good quality software is a no-brainer investment.

This is why so many software sellers have managed to create six-figure and seven-figure businesses and beyond - myself included.

The trouble is, it’s not easy to get started selling software.

You have to have a solid concept, find the right developer and spend months in development and then months testing before bringing a software to market.

Unfortunately. . .

There’s hundreds of stories of business owners who tried to bring their 1st software to market and failed miserably.

They. . .

  • Had poorly defined ideas of what they wanted going in, which leads to delays and going over budget
  • Hired developers who took their money and disappeared for good
  • Couldn’t help themselves from adding more-and-more features to their software, which no one wanted or needed (and ran their costs up until it became ridiculous)
It doesn’t have to be this way.

Discover How To Skip The Software Business Learning Curve . . .

The secret of many highly successful software vendors is they don’t start their projects completely from scratch.

They purchase white label rights to software which have evergreen potential . . . which saves them a whole lot of time and money . . . and makes for happier customers because they come already extensively tested.

Then these vendors simply re-brand the software as their own . . . or . . .

Hire a coder to make a few tweaks to the software (perfectly acceptable within the terms of white label rights.) Then the software is sold as a brand new product.

So if you’ve ever had the notion to get into the software business, here’s YOUR chance.

YOU: A Software Vendor Overnight

For a very limited time, we are offering new LeadTarget vendors the opportunity of a lifetime.

We’re offering YOU white label rights to LeadTarget.

Now you can have your own software business without the pain of starting one from scratch.

You’ll have a high-quality EVERGREEN product to sell as your own.

Unlike some softwares on the market, LeadTarget doesn’t depend on loopholes which could close at any minute to be effective.

Lead generation is a cornerstone of every business - and this won’t ever change.

That’s why LeadTarget is a software business owners from every niche can get behind - and why it’s a perfect solution for anyone who wants to get started selling software.

“So What Do I Get With White Label Rights?”

With LeadTarget White Label rights, you can:

Sell it as it is

Rebrand it with your own product name

Get free unlimited updates

Keep 100% of the profit for each sale you make

White label rights are by far the EASIEST way to get started with your own software business.

Want to start a 4 figure business?

11 sales x $97 = $1067

Want to start a 5 figure business?

104 sales x $97 = $10088

You get the picture… And that’s all profit!

Not only that, getting white label rights for quality software like LeadTarget sets you up with. . .

Seed Money For Your NEW Software Products

Once you’ve established yourself as a software vendor with LeadTarget, take some of those profits and plough it back into new software projects.

Take your time, and only hire the best coders for your future projects.

This is how to grow and scale your software business.

Whom should you sell your new software projects to? Why, that’s easy.

Your new LeadTarget customers are a client base of software buyers you can sell to over-and-over again.

When they purchase LeadTarget you’ve won their trust. . . so getting them to buy more software from you in the future will be much easier.

Not to mention, you already have a powerful tool to get new software leads into your funnel - LeadTarget!

We’ll Even Update LeadTarget FOR YOU!

One of the issues facing people who would love to get into software. . . but who aren’t coders themselves . . . is they don’t know how they’ll keep the software updated.

Don’t let this get in your way any longer.

We’ll keep LeadTarget updated for you - including any rollouts of new features for the software.

So you can relax, and enjoy building your new software business, worry free!

Hurry - This Offer Ends VERY Soon!

White label rights are the fast lane to software profits. There’s no dispute.

So, as a new LeadTarget customer, you get first dibs at white label rights . . . so you can resell and repackage the software anyway you like - even modify the code if you wish.

You’d spend THOUSANDS in development, and MONTHS of your time creating a software like this from scratch.

Instead of going through all that, you can just start selling and making profits from LeadTarget right away.

So save thousands of dollars of your hard-earned cash, and months of frustration developing your own software. . . claim your white label rights to sell LeadTarget today.

We’ll only be making this offer during the duration of this launch, so claim your white label rights NOW by clicking the button below:

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