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Brad here. We’d like to thank you for purchasing LeadTarget today.

You’re a person who sees the value in building a list of highly targeted subscribers - or you wouldn’t have invested in LeadTarget in the first place.

However, there’s another group of targeted leads many of you already have. And you’ve likely had trouble reaching them lately.

Which group of leads are we talking about?

Your Facebook audience.

Targeted Leads Who Aren’t Seeing Your Messages…

A couple of years ago, many people went through a lot of trouble to build massive Facebook Fan Pages because they were a very effective way to create engagement and sell products.

Your Pages automatically showed up in your fans’ Newsfeeds, so they stopped by to check out your posts on a regular basis. This made your members come to know and trust you - which made it easy to sell to them.

Then Facebook changed their algorithm. Fan Page post visibility dried up overnight. According to Hubspot, organic Facebook reach is now only an estimated 2%. A post to a Fan Page with 10,000 fans only shows up in an estimated 650 Newsfeeds now.

This means Fan Page owners have a huge group of niche fans they can’t reach unless they pay to boost their posts.

Until now. . .

The FB Engagement Loophole Which Can’t Be Ignored

While it’s almost impossible for a Fan Page to show up in the Newsfeed of the majority of its fans now, there’s
one sure-fire way to grab a Facebook audience’s attention.

It’s with a little red icon almost too irresistible to ignore.

Yes, the FB message notification.

Whenever you see Messenger’s red message icon and hear its notification sound, it rivets your attention. We’re curious by nature, and we want to see who’s trying to reach us.

And it’s important to note, Messenger’s notifications show up whether you’re on your desktop, phone or iPad. They’re inescapable.

What this means to you as a marketer is . . .


So, we’ve come up with a brand-new software which allows you to reach ALL the members of your Fan Pages via FB Messenger . . . so you can get as much free traffic on demand as you can handle!

And it also allows you to grow your email list at the SAME time.



Don’t let the leads you’ve grown on your Fan Pages collect dust. There’s no need to when you can contact them easily via FB Messenger with LeadTarget Pro.

LeadTarget Pro is a fully mobile-compatible Chatbot which integrates FB Messenger with your FanPages. Via the Chatbot, you’ll be able to mass message your FanPage members.

This means you can

Send fans directly to your bridge pages or sales letters

Tell them about events you’re holding

Give them coupon codes for your products and services

Let them know about last minute deals they’re missing out on

Inform them about new products added to your line up

Provide them with product reviews

Direct them to surveys so you can find out what they want - which is a sure-fire way to increase your sales

In other words, FREE traffic on tap is yours with LeadTarget Pro.

Grow YOUR Email List With LeadTarget Pro

Here’s how LeadTarget and LeadTarget Pro work hand-in-hand to grow your email list:

Message your FB audience to check out your latest blog post.
Once your FB audience arrives at your blog or landing page, they’ll be greeted with your highly targeted LeadTarget opt-in forms and chat boxes.
Your eye-catching LeadTarget animations help make sure your opt-in forms can’t be missed!
In addition, LeadTarget’s smart opt-in forms help pre-segment your list by interest - which makes it easy to know in advance which offers your subscribers will be eager to buy.

Plus, you can add your new subscribers to your retargeting lists to boost your sales conversions even higher. And if that’s not enough. . .

Here’s another BIG reason why LeadTarget Pro is such a potent tool.

100% Deliverability Rates Are
With LeadTarget Pro

While email marketing is the best way to nurture your leads and gain audience trust, it does have a serious drawback.

Not all the emails you send end up in your subscriber’s inbox.

Unfortunately, some emails can end up in Gmail’s Promotion or Updates tab and don’t get seen right away.

Or sometimes, email providers mistakenly send your emails right to spam folders and they never get opened by your subscribers. Other times, your emails are hard to read on mobile devices which means they get deleted while still unread.

And you may have experienced the frustration when your autoresponder provider has delivery delays. Your subscribers miss out on time-sensitive offers and you miss out on a ton of sales.

With LeadTarget Pro, these issues are non-existent.

EVERY message you send via FB Messenger reaches your leads. Yes, this means 100% deliverability - a rate you can NEVER achieve with email.

So you know your messages are seen by your fans . . . which means you have more opportunities than ever before to get sales!

Grow Your List With LeadTarget Pro

LeadTarget Pro’s Chatbot helps you grow your contact list fast.

Whenever anyone messages your Fan Page, they are automatically added to your page’s Messenger contact list. Now you can message these fans any time you like!

It can’t get any easier than this to grow your contact list and engage your fans.

No Chatbot Limits

And there’s absolutely no limit to the number of Chatbots or Fan Pages you can add to LeadTarget Pro.

Create a new Chatbot for all of your existing Fan Pages, or create new Fan Pages in your favorite niches and put LeadTarget Pro to work to grow your email and contact lists.

Finally, you can reach all your Fans and get as much FREE traffic as you can handle!

Now With Emojis For MORE Engagement

Love them or hate them, emojis are here to stay, especially now people are on their mobile devices more than on desktops.

92% of ALL online users use emojis in some form, according to Emogi. If you’re not using emojis in your marketing, you’re missing out. Emojis allow you to convey emotion and excitement to your audience far easier than you ever could with text alone.

This is the reason we’ve added emojis to LeadTarget Pro.

LeadTarget Pro’s Chatbot is powered up with a full set of emojis! The emojis help personalize the user experience of your audience. And it’s been proven personalization leads to higher conversions.

We’re not done yet. . . as powerful as the Chatbot is, with LeadTarget Pro you’re also about to receive. . .

Access To Advanced Tools To Make Your Campaigns
Even More Effective

Imagine being able to split test your LeadTarget campaigns and see at-a-glance which ones are working most effectively.

Imagine no more.

Investing in LeadTarget Pro gives you access to AB split testing and advanced analytics features so you can laser-target in on your campaigns.

Now it will be easy to see which opt-in form headlines, images, body text and buttons get the biggest response. Tweak your campaigns accordingly and watch your opt-ins pour in like a torrent of rain.

We know you can see how valuable it is to grow a FB chat audience. And understand the raw conversion power of having engaging emojis, advanced analytics and split testing to drive conversions through the roof.

We want to give you EVEN MORE value today . . . to make your purchase of LeadTarget Pro a complete no-brainer.

It’s why we’re sweetening the pot and giving you some valuable bonuses. They’re designed to enhance your purchase of LeadTarget and give you even more options to create your high-converting opt-in forms.



Special Bonuses Exclusively For
LeadTarget Customers

Because you’re already a LeadTarget customer, we wanted to find a way to say “Thank You” to those who take the next step and invest in LeadTarget Pro today.

So for the duration of this launch only, we’re offering up these valuable bonuses only for purchasers of LeadTarget Pro:

Bonus #1

Extra Premium Templates - you’ll get not 5. . . not 10 . . . but an additional 20 premium opt-in form templates. Creating forms to drive insane opt-ins is as easy as child’s play with these proven templates.

Value: $280

Bonus #2

40 Additional Animations - even more eye-catching ways to make your opt-in forms stand out on your blogs. Animations are an unexpected pattern interrupt which means they’ll get your audience’s full attention. There’ll be no overlooking your highly targeted opt-in forms when you add these animations!

Value: $37

Total Bonus Value: $317

And just in case you’re feeling a little unsure if you can
set up the Chatbot . . . you should know that. . .

Step-By-Step Video Training Is Included

It goes without saying you won’t be struggling on your own to set up LeadTarget Pro on your own. We’re providing full video training to help you through the process.

If you still have questions, or get stuck along the way, just reach out to our support desk and we’ll be glad to assist you.

And, of course, we’re backing LeadTarget Pro with a 30-day, 100% money back guarantee. . .


Your LeadTarget Pro Guarantee. . .

Purchase LeadTarget Pro today with complete confidence, because we guarantee you’ll love it. Test it out for a full 30 days without risk.

Put LeadTarget Pro to work to engage your leads and message them on Facebook with your special offers.

Use the emoji feature to personalize your fans Chatbot experience for off-the chain engagement. Increase the effectiveness of your campaigns with the Advanced Analytics and AB Split Testing features . . .

Enjoy having access to more Premium opt-in form templates and animations to create jaw-dropping opt-in rates.

If in any way you’re unsatisfied after testing LeadTarget Pro during the first 30-days of purchase, simply notify our support desk for a ‘no hassle’ 100% refund.

When our customers aren’t happy . . . we’re not happy either! And we’d be too embarrassed to keep your money.

So go ahead, and click the button below to reserve your copy of LeadTarget Pro without risk today. Remember - you have to act FAST because you’ll never see the Pro version of LeadTarget offered at special launch pricing again.

Pricing Increasing when timer hits 0.

The Turning Point YOUR Business
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You’re a smart marketer who sees how using artificial intelligence can massively increase your opt-in conversions. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t have picked up LeadTarget in the first place.

Now, we’re just as sure you can see how LeadTarget Pro can increase your reach, heighten lead engagement, build your lists and drive FREE traffic on demand.

Bottom line?

Your opt-ins and FB audience engagement
will increase.

Your ad spend will decrease.

So what are you waiting for?

LeadTarget Pro will move to a monthly pricing model very soon. Grab it now while you can still lock in lifetime pricing!

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To Your Success,

The LeadTarget Team

P.S. As a special unannounced bonus, Brad produced a video valued at $17 exclusively for LeadTarget Pro buyers. He shows you how to set up your Fan Pages step-by-step. Don’t let lack of experience setting up Fan Pages hold you back from taking advantage of LeadTarget Pro’s messaging features and advanced analytics. Claim your copy of LeadTarget Pro before it’s too late by clicking the button above.

P.P.S. Where will you be in 30 days from now if you don’t act? Moaning you can’t reach leads without paying for the privilege? Frustrated you went through all the hard work to build out a monster list and aren’t seeing the benefits? It’s time to change this. Finally, reach your leads INSIDE THEIR FB ACCOUNTS, increase your engagement and drive free traffic. Click the button above to get started today.


Q. I’m not very technical. I’m worried I won’t be able to set up the Chatbot. A. Don’t worry at all! We’ve included step-by-step training that walks you through the entire process. And if you happen to get stuck, help is as close as contacting our support desk. We’ll work with you to get the Chatbot engaging with your Fan Page members...and driving scores of free traffic to your offers.
Q. Let me get this straight - I can message all of my Fan Page members at once with LeadTarget Pro? A. Yes! You simply select which of your Fan Pages you want to message, and create your message. Boom! Instantly, your Fan Pages receive a Messenger notification from your Fan Page.
Q.You mentioned LeadTarget Pro can help me build my list. How does that work? A. It works in two ways. First, anytime one of your Fan Page members messages you, the Chatbot will add their information to your FB contact list. Secondly, via Messenger, you can direct your Fans to new blog posts where they’ll see your highly targeted opt-in forms and chat boxes. This gives you the chance to add additional fans to your email list.

Q. You say that LeadTarget Pro can run AB split tests, but I’m not exactly sure what split tests are. A. It’s much easier to see what’s working and what isn’t working on your opt-in forms with AB testing. AB testing allows you to test single elements on your opt-in forms against each other instead of creating entirely new forms and hoping one out converts the other.

For example, you can test headlines against headlines while
keeping the other elements on your forms identical. You’ll now be
able to see which headline converts the best. You can test your
background images, form body text and buttons the same way.

Q.I’ve never created a Fan Page, so I’m not sure if I can get LeadTarget Pro to work for me. A. No worries! Setting up a Fan Page now is a bit different than it was before, and a lot of the information out there is outdated. So Brad went ahead and created a special Fan Page creation training video you’ll receive at no cost as a purchaser of LeadTarget Pro. In it, he’ll walk you through every essential step to creating your own Fan Pages.
Q. I’m not sure I need LeadTarget Pro right now. My Fan Pages are small. A. They may be small, but don’t count them out! LeadTarget Pro ensures your messages get 100% deliverability . . . something email can’t guarantee. Plus, you’ll have the ability to send these Fans to your blog where you can capture them on your email list. There’s no better way to gain trust and build a relationship than via email - watch your sales explode!

"No Thanks, I Don't Want To Message My Leads Inside of FB with 100% Deliverability..."

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