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Brad Stephens here again.

We completely understand you want to access your purchase of LeadTarget as quickly as possible. . .

So we’ll do our best not to keep you for long.

As you know, using LeadTarget to automate our lead generation made a significant impact on our bottom line. We’re confident it will have the same impact on your business.

However, before you access your copy of LeadTarget, we’d like to give you an opportunity to create additional hands off passive income streams.

Read on to discover more. . .

A VERY Smart Business Opportunity
For A Very Small Investment

For the duration of this launch, we’re giving new LeadTarget customers the opportunity to get Agency Rights to the software.

In case you’re not familiar with agency rights, here’s what that means in a nutshell:

When you look at the ways agency rights provide you with some easy earning opportunities, we’re sure you’ll be excited.

So let’s explore how you can earn monthly recurring income with LeadTarget. . .

Passive Monthly Income From A
Simple Service
EVERY Business Needs

Fact: Every business needs fresh leads.

Without leads, there are no new customers. And if you don’t have new customers entering your funnel, you won’t stay in business for long.

This is why LeadTarget Agency Edition provides you with an urgently needed service to offer business owners - lead generation.

Many business owners will HAPPILY pay you $500 and more PER MONTH just to generate leads.

With your agency license, you can charge other business owners a set- up fee to install and configure LeadTarget on their sites.

That’s just the beginning.

Then you can charge an additional monthly maintenance fee to monitor and tweak their campaigns for them.

Which is a breeze because of the built-in analytics dashboard inside LeadTarget. You’ll be able to see at a glance which campaigns are working most effectively, and which need a simple change or two.

And You Don’t Even Need To Do The Work Yourself Unless You Choose. . .

Remember, your Agency License lets you add your outsourcers to LeadTarget projects.

And it’s a win-win for you and your team. You can hand off client work to your outsourcers and they’ll be happy to have more hours to bill out.

Everyone will be making more money - including your clients!

You can decide how much involvement you want in day-to-day operation.

You can log in yourself and view the analytics for your clients’ sites. Pass off any needed tweaks to your outsourcing team.

Or once you have a process in place, hand off the entire installation and campaign tweaking process to your trusted team.

This is how you can generate completely passive monthly income with the Agency License.

It doesn’t get any easier than this.

Yet Another Way To Passively Earn
With LeadTarget

Local businesses will pay very nice referral fees for leads.

You can easily earn from $25 - $100+ plus per lead, depending on the niche and industry you’re targeting.

If you have a lead generation site already (or are ready to build one), LeadTarget has vast potential to improve your existing opt-in conversion rates. And improved opt-in conversions translates directly into $.

All you have to do is sit back, collect the leads and get paid.

The more leads you deliver, the more you get paid. It’s that simple.

You don’t have the hassle of converting the leads into paying customers either - that’s your client’s job.

What easier business model could there be?

As well, you can easily target different categories of leads on the same site with LeadTarget.

For example, you could have a website about plumbing.

You could have pages about hiring a plumber, and others about buying plumbing parts. LeadTarget’s smart forms will help you collect leads in both categories without any additional work on your part.

Remember, the artificial intelligence baked into LeadTarget lets you set it up once and it automatically creates customized forms for each page of your site.

Hands off lead generation on a silver platter.

So, for our example, sell the leads interested in hiring a plumber to a plumbing business . . . and sell the leads looking to buy plumbing parts to a plumbing supply store.

One site - multiple opportunities to sell leads.

LeadTarget makes it all possible without hassle of creating separate forms for different pages on your site.

In the time you save, you could build even more lead gen sites to explode your income.

No Team? No Problem!

Maybe you’re saying, “Guys, this sounds good, but I don’t have a team yet.”

That’s perfectly ok!

If you’re currently doing any kind of client work, whether it be SEO, graphic design, copywriting, or what have you, charging your clients to install and maintain LeadTarget is a great way to build new monthly income streams.

Instead of plunging in and hiring a full team of outsourcers right away, you can easily add team members as your business grows.

Start off with a part-timer, then add members over time.

Or if you don’t want to hire or deal with outsourcers, the hands-off nature of LeadTarget lends itself perfectly to a one-person service business.

However, if you’re interested in picking up the Agency License, and earning passive monthly income, you must be aware time is of the essence . . .

We May NEVER Offer The
Agency License Option Again

We believe early action takers should get rewards.

For this reason, we’re making the Agency License available only to our first group of customers.

However, we’re not sure if or when we’ll be offering it again.

This is an EXCLUSIVE offer for early action takers.

We want you, as a charter member of LeadTarget, to have the 1st chance at your own agency license.

And all the profit streams which come with it.

This is why we’re only offering the Agency License option now . . . and closing it down after the launch.

So, if you agree the Agency License is a painless way to grow your business, then we urge you to grab it now.

When the timer below counts down to zero, it’ll be too late.

Reserve your Agency License now by clicking the button below.

To Your Success,

The LeadTarget Team

P.S. In just 30 days from now you could be collecting your 1st recurring revenue check. . . so what’s holding you back? Grab the LeadTarget Agency License today and start creating passive income streams that puts money in your bank month-after-month!

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